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Obama is the like slacker, who has avoided layoffs for the last four years cause he’s a nice guy (psst and he’s a minority). But due to his neverending incompetence, and lack of work ethic, the decision has been made to let him go. The date has been set and nothing can reverse it…But suddenly on the last day somebody spills coffee. Obama quickly hustles over with a mop, desperately hoping the bosses will forget the four years of incompetence and instead reward him for promptly cleaning up the mess
Rumor has it that the left, knowing that Scott Walker will win, is behind the robocalls. At the end of the day, democrats will use the robocalls to question the legitimacy of his re-election.
The death of Trayvan Martin is unfortunate. Too bad he was unarmed because dialing 911 doesn’t appear to be a very good defense.
Perhaps when gas is $2.50 per gallon Ms. Fluke will be able to afford her own contraceptives.